Democrats Dismiss Concerns Over Christian Attacks

( – Democratic Georgia Representative Hank Johnson appeared to relativize the brutal attacks perpetrated against different churches across the country. This happened during a Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on the FACE Act after the Dobbs Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v. Wade.

In the hearing, Johnson got into a heated exchange with the director of the Family Research Council’s Center for Religious Liberty Arielle Del Turco, where he interrupted her and even attempted to discredit her panel’s inclusion. At a moment, he even asked her about the 420 cases of violence against what he referred to as “pregnancy centers.” After hearing that, Del Turco immediately noted these attacks were made “against churches.”

Far from ending it here, Johnson asked her if the attacks were then made against churches instead of “pro-life pregnancy centers,” and interrupted her as she was answering that her center’s report was focusing on “churches.” The Congressman asked Del Turco if she was conflating attacks against churches to violent acts against pregnancy centers.

At that moment she said she wasn’t conflating anything and started to explain these were both “covered in the FACE Act,” Johnson interrupted again by asking what relevance these attacks against churches had at the moment of asserting on the hearing there have been attacks against “these so-called pro-life pregnancy centers.”

She responded that houses of worship and churches were covered in the act. However, while she was explaining this is the same case with abortion clinics, Johnson interrupted again by saying that this hearing wasn’t about churches. He also tried to discredit her as a reliable witness by accusing GOP members of including Del Turco on the panel by talking about the attack on churches in order to “confuse the public.”

Johnson finally said that while he rejects violence against anything and anyone, her testimony wasn’t for this hearing, showing once again the radicalism of a certain faction of the Democratic Party.

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