Democratic Senator Allegedly Blocks Subpoena Request for Epstein Flight Logs

Democratic Senator Blocks Subpoena Request for Epstein Flight Logs

( – Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) has blocked a subpoena requesting the flight logs of visitors to Jeffrey Epstein’s island, according to Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), who issued the request.

Blackburn issued the report over concerns about the rise in human trafficking. Epstein was outed as a child predator in 2019 who trafficked children to his private island. He was also affiliated with several celebrities and politicians around the world.

Epstein also had strong ties to left-wing politicians, including former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. He donated heavily to the Democrat party. However, witnesses also list several prominent Republicans as visitors to the island. He owned an investment firm, J. Epstein and Co. All of his known clients had at least $1 billion in assets.

Blackburn said she believes that knowing who visited the island, how frequently, and where else they traveled is crucial as cases of sexual assault and human trafficking continue to rise sharply. Durbin has not yet given a reason for blocking the subpoena.

Epstein died in his prison cell in 2019 before he had a chance to testify in court. The death was ruled a suicide, although some officials question the official story. Durbin has accused them of being conspiracy theorists. He expressed gratitude after the Inspector General’s office claimed that foul play was not involved. He also previously requested that the Biden administration terminate Trump-appointed leaders of federal prisons after the incident.

Blackburn issued the subpoena during a Senate Judiciary Committee, on which Durbin serves as the chairman. The committee is largely run by Democrats despite Backburn’s participation.

She issued other subpoenas as well, one of which requested Xavier Becerra, Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary, to explain the disappearance of 85,000 immigrant children.

Durbin has also been accused of funneling federal funds to his lobbyist wife. The couple frequently denies the allegations, claiming that her work is limited to the state level. However, documents obtained by the media seem to confirm that she would work with both state and federal agencies.

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