Dem Congressman Calls for Accountability for Hunter Biden

Dem Congressman Calls for Accountability for Hunter Biden

( – Connecticut Democratic Congressman Jim Himes called for accountability for the president’s son Hunter Biden, stating it was “clear” he broke the law. During an MSNBC interview, Himes said that, unlike any “Republican member” of the Trump administration, he believes someone should be prosecuted if he committed any illegal act. He then said this was the case of Hunter Biden, who Himes claimed should be “held accountable” for breaking the law concerning illegally owning a handgun and “in respect to taxes.”

The liberal lawmaker then criticized Republicans for refusing to speak out against former President Donald Trump when he was officially indicted. After that, he admitted that Hunter Biden must face justice if it’s confirmed he used President Joe Biden’s influence to commit crimes. Himes said he needs to be emphatic on this point because Americans never “heard a Republican” saying the same about any member of the Trump family.

When asked about the president’s role in Hunter Biden’s crimes, Himes said no evidence showed any collusion between President Biden and his son. However, he suggested that if any proof of criminal collusion eventually comes up, Democrats should take it seriously.

Finally, the Democratic Congressman said it makes no sense for Republicans to discuss impeachment, as President Biden doesn’t appear involved in his son’s crimes. When asked about what would happen if it’s eventually proven that the commander-in-chief was part of these illegal acts, Himes said that would be a “very different conversation.”

The president’s son is currently facing federal charges after his plea deal collapsed, as he pleaded not guilty during an initial court appearance on July 26. The White House has said that the commander-in-chief is supporting Hunter Biden throughout the investigation.

During a press conference, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that President Biden and the First Lady love their son and will always support him as he tries to “rebuild his life.”

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