CNN Admits Most Republicans Still Support Donald Trump

( – According to a CNN Wednesday survey conducted by SSRS, over half of GOP voters currently support former President Donald Trump. The report confirmed the former commander-in-chief’s massive popularity in the Republican party, which many polls have been showing over the last few months.

As reported by the liberal network, Trump currently has 53 percent of support not only from GOP voters but also from Republican-leaning independents. The report also shows that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who officially entered the race, currently has 26 percent of support from Republican voters.

While the distance between these two candidates remains large, many believe that the Florida Governor will increase its popularity and become quite competitive. The fact that he already announced his presidential bid might convince many undecided voters to vote for him, which is what the Trump campaign fears the most.

In fact, DeSantis recently received the support of Republican financier Hal Lambert, who was one of Trump’s main donors in previous elections. The surprising aspect, in this case, was that he publicly said he was ditching the former president to support the Florida Governor. Experts believe this could eventually boost DeSantis’ candidacy, as Lambert’s financial support might give the Florida Governor more weapons to fight Trump.

According to the CNN survey, both candidates are the main favorite to win the Republican Party’s nomination. After all, the rest of the candidates currently have such low popularity that none of them have more than 5 percent of support, except Nikki Haley. However, the former South Carolina Governor and US Ambassador to the United States only has 6 percent.

The CNN report was released two weeks after the liberal network hosted its controversial town hall event with Trump. Journalists and political leaders blasted the network for allowing the former president to be part of it and letting him take control. However, the event was successful enough to attract over 3 million viewers.

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