Christie Rejects DeSantis’ Offer to Deploy Special Forces Against Drug Cartels

Christie Rejects DeSantis' Offer to Deploy Special Forces Against Drug Cartels

( – Former New Jersey Governor and presidential candidate Chris Christie blasted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on August 27 over his plan to fight Mexican drug cartels. DeSantis pledged to send the United States Special Forces to Mexico to eliminate the most powerful cartels if he wins the 2024 presidential election.

Many politicians and military experts have said this isn’t a plausible operation and could do more harm than good, as it would have collateral damage for Mexico and the United States.

Christie made the remarks against his rival candidate during an interview on CBS’ “Face The Nation” after being asked about DeSantis’ promise to take this step during the GOP’s first presidential primary debate in Milwaukee. The former New Jersey Governor said that deploying US special forces in Mexico wouldn’t be a “viable solution” to the Fentanyl crisis that the country is suffering. He also said this would be dangerous as the Mexican government would see it as an “act of war.”

Christie told host Nancy Cordes that the Chinese regime’s decision to send precursor chemicals to the cartels to make fentanyl is also an “act of war.” He said this drug eventually enters the country and ruins thousands of families.

When asked what to do about the problem, the Republican presidential candidate said there are some ways to “get this done.” He said the United States needs to use its “intelligence assets” and become stronger and tougher at the southern border. He also said that Washington needs to finish the wall and put the US National Guard at the border to prevent fentanyl traffickers from entering the country.

Finally, he said that DeSantis’ proposal to invade Mexico might sound appealing on “the debate stage,” however, the Florida Governor is wrong because implementing this measure as a president would end up being “more complicated” than expected.

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