Chris Christie Attempts to Turn the Tables on Trump

Chris Christie Attempts to Turn the Tables on Trump

( – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie blasted former President Donald Trump on August 8, after the former commander-in-chief attacked him over his weight. In a Twitter post, Christie challenged Trump to show up to the Republican primary debate and repeat the things he said to his face. He also asked the former president to stop behaving like a “spoiled baby.”

Trump’s latest comments against Christie occurred during a New Hampshire rally, where he claimed the former New Jersey governor wasn’t tweeting or criticizing him because he was “eating.” Trump then said that Christie “can’t be bothered” because of this and pointed to the crowd as he noticed many were laughing.

At one moment, Trump started to interact with a man in the crowd who was cheering him. The GOP presidential candidate asked the man to “please don’t call” the New Jersey Governor “a fat pig.” The crowd laughed even more, and Trump repeated the request as he pointed out he was “trying to be nice” to Christie.

Since announcing his presidential bid, Christie has criticized the former president for his alleged intentions of not attending the first presidential debate, which will be hosted by Fox News. Reports have suggested that Trump’s team is thinking about skipping it to prevent his popularity numbers from being affected.

While Trump hasn’t formally announced he won’t attend the debates, the former president has said he would probably take this step. In July, he wrote on his Truth Social account that he might watch the presidential debate on TV instead of attending it. He added this would allow him to know who he should consider “for Vice President.”

While the two presidential candidates were close allies during the Trump administration, Christie became one of the foremost critics inside the GOP after the Capitol riot in 2021. The former New Jersey governor has even said that the former president was to blame for what happened on January 6 that year and has claimed he shouldn’t run for president again.

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