China’s Defense Minister Warns Against Sino-US Conflict

( – China’s Defense Minister Li Shangfu said on Sunday that a war between his country and the US would represent an “unbearable disaster” for the globe. Li made these remarks in his first important speech since he took this position. Different reports point out the international community was extremely interested in his speech, considering that Li is the new Defense Minister of the Chinese regime.

At the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, which is Asia’s main security summit, he warned that some nations were intensifying the arms race in this region. While he was mainly referring to the United States, Li said that China and this country can live together in this world and look for common ground.

However, he blasted Washington and US political leaders for having a “Cold War mentality.” He also said this was a dangerous position because it increased security risks, adding that Beijing won’t allow naval patrols by Washington or its allies. He added that the Chinese regime won’t accept this, even under their “pretext” of exercising their navigation hegemony.

Recently, China rejected a United States request for a direct military talk between both nations’ defense ministers. Beijing took this step as a way to protest Washington’s sanctions against Li in 2018, as he allegedly purchased military equipment from Russia.

About Li’s remarks at the summit, US State Department deputy spokesman Vedant Patel said that the White House wants a “predictable” relationship with Beijing. He also said that far from what some media outlets have suggested, the Biden administration wants to avoid a “New Cold War.” Finally, Patel told reporters that the competition between both nations shouldn’t “spill over” into a large-scale conflict.

Retired officer of the People’s Liberation Army Zhoe Bo explained that Li showed a moderate stance during his speech at the summit. He said that even when this is good news and opens the possibility for future talks, the US must lift sanctions against the defense minister.

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