China Vows to Retaliate if There is a Trade War

China Vows to Retaliate if There is a Trade War

( – China’s Ambassador to the United States, Xie Feng, said on July 19 that while Beijing doesn’t want a trade war with Washington, it will retaliate against any restrictions on markets and technology. During a speech at the Aspen Security Forum, Xie criticized curbs on the sale of chipmaking and microchip equipment to China that were imposed in 2022. The Chinese regime has described these measures from the Biden administration as an effort “to contain” Beijing.

At the foreign policy and security conference, Xie claimed that while China doesn’t “shy away” from competition, the United States hasn’t played “fair.” He also mentioned the White House’s efforts to curb US technology sales to Huawei, saying that Washington wants to win this race by keeping “China out.”

Xie’s presence at this conference occurred after the Chinese regime imposed export curbs on critical metals used in solar cells and computer chips on July 4. Reports suggest this was a measure that Beijing executed in retaliation for Washington’s restrictions on microchips. Far from being the only aggressive move made by China this year, the communist regime previously restricted sales of Micron products on May 22.

After the event, Xie told reporters that Xi Jinping doesn’t want to engage in a “tit for tat” duel with the United States. He also said that China’s primary goal is to say “goodbye” to the so-called “Iron Curtain” and prevent a technological “trade war.”

The Ambassador’s comments came at a moment when both nations are trying to restore their relationship, which has suffered numerous setbacks this year. These include the Chinese spy balloon that monitored US military stations and the Chinese regime’s South China Sea and Taiwan claims.

In an effort to mend ties, the Biden administration has sent three officials to Beijing. These have been Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and special envoy on climate John Kerry.

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