China Looms Nearby as Taiwan Prepares Anti-Invasion Exercises

China Looms Nearby as Taiwan Prepares Anti-Invasion Exercises

( – Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said on July 22 that the Chinese regime sent dozens of warplanes toward the island. The ministry explained that Beijing deployed bombers and fighter jets, representing a forceful display a couple of days before Taiwan’s anti-invasion military exercises.

In a statement, the ministry explained that China’s military sent 37 aircraft and seven navy vessels around the democratic island on July 21. Among them were J-16 and J-10 fighters, along with H-6 bombers. Apparently, 22 of these warplanes were officially detected crossing the Taiwan Strat midline and entering the island’s air defense identification Zone. The statement also said that China illegally entered this zone through its southern area, pointing out that Taiwan will always “defend itself” from any aggression from Beijing.

The democratic island is planning to hold the annual Han Kuang exercise, during which its armed forces will hold combat readiness drills to prevent an invasion from China. The Taiwanese armed forces will also conduct the Wan’an exercises, which are aimed at preparing the civilian population for any natural disaster. Moreover, the armed forces will also prepare civilians to evacuate the island in case of an air raid.

Over the last few years, the Chinese regime has shown discomfort at any political activity from Western governments in Taiwan. In August, Beijing held military drills in response to the visit of former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the democratic island. On that occasion, China even fired missiles over Taiwan, representing an escalation that forced airplanes to alter their routes.

In April, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army held large-scale combat drills in sea and air around Taiwan. This came in response to the island’s President Tsai Ing-wen’s meetings with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

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