Bumbling Biden Strikes Again, Embarrasses Nation at UN

Bumbling Biden Strikes Again, Embarrasses Nation at UN

(NationRise.com) – US President Joe Biden had yet another awkward moment recently, this time at the United Nations, as he looked confused and even walked into a giant flag. The commander-in-chief also seemed to anger his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, as he walked off the stage without shaking the socialist leader’s hand.

As noted in videos that showed the moment (and went viral on social media), President Biden stumbled into the giant Brazilian flag as he got onto the stage, pausing briefly to regain his orientation while the flag swayed. He then had a difficult time with his translation device’s headset, soon noted by President Lula, who was with the Democratic leader for a joint speech about a new partnership between both nations on workers’ rights.

At one moment, the socialist leader asked President Biden if he could hear him and noted this was a historic moment for the United States and Brazil. When President Biden didn’t respond, the Brazilian president asked if he could hear him again, turning towards him. The American leader looked at President Lula but simply nodded in response while fumbling with the headset.

President Biden eventually dropped the headset and raised his eyebrows. In the end, the Democratic leader stood up, shook hands with the Director-General of the International Labor Organization Gilbert Huongbo, turned and left the stage while President Lula offered his hand.

As he was leaving, the Brazilian leader made a swiping gesture with his arm, looking visibly upset. Despite the US commander-in-chief’s apparent snub, the two leaders agreed to reinforce the relationship between Washington and Brasilia, as they committed to guarantee that workers benefit from the green energy and digital transition. They also said that governments should create well-paying jobs for those who are “left behind,” during a transition both leaders considered “inevitable” and “necessary” for the world to dodge the worst consequences of climate change.

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