Blinken Throws Support Behind “One China” Policy

Blinken Throws Support Behind

( – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a June 19 press conference that the Biden administration supports the “One China” policy. After meeting with China’s dictator Xi Ping, he also stated that Washington does “not support” Taiwan’s independence. His comments raised controversy as the United States has been one of the most important allies of the Taiwanese government over the last few decades.

In the press conference, Blinken told reporters that the United States will still ensure Taiwan can “defend itself.” He also said the Biden administration is concerned about China’s provocative actions against the island nation since 2016. The secretary of state added that the world could suffer an “economic crisis” if the Chinese regime eventually invades Taiwan.

Blinken’s comments came at a moment when tensions between Washington and Beijing over Taiwan have been on the rise. On June 11, the Taiwanese air force deployed fighter jets after 10 Chinese aircraft illegally crossed the Taiwan Strait. The United States even published videos of a close encounter between American and Chinese military aircraft over the South China Sea on May 30.

The China-Taiwan relationship has been one of the world’s most significant geopolitical issues as Beijing considers the self-ruling island its territory. Experts believe the Chinese regime hasn’t annexed it by force as Washington maintains military ties with Taiwan.

When asked about the current relations between Beijing and Washington, Blinken said there are many issues on which both nations “profoundly disagree.” However, the secretary of state told reporters he believes the relationship between China and the United States took a “very positive step” after meeting Xi Ping. He also announced that China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang agreed to visit President Joe Biden in Washington this year.

Finally, Blinken admitted he couldn’t establish a crisis military-to-military communications channel, as the Chinese regime rejected the idea. Different reports point out this was one of the secretary of state’s primary goals in his meeting with the Chinese President.

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