Blinken Confirms “Ironclad” Support for Ukraine After Leaks

( – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister Dmytro Kuleba on Tuesday morning that the United States will keep providing Kyiv an “ironclad” support in its war against Russia, after the Kremlin decided to invade Ukraine last year.

According to a Kuleba post on his Twitter account, Blinken delivered these remarks during a phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart. Kuleba also wrote on his tweet that Blinken told him that the White House rejects any attempt to cast doubt on the Ukrainian’s capacity to beat Russian troops on the battlefield. Finally, the Foreign Affairs Minister closed his tweet by saying that Washington remains Ukraine’s “trustworthy partner,” and that it remains focused on helping Ukrainian troops to advance their “victory” against Russia and securing peace in the country.

Blinken’s phone call with Kuleba took place a couple of days after the massive leaks of classified Pentagon documents, which revealed some details on the war. So far, this has been the biggest leak in a decade, with US and NATO officials worried as it exposed some concerning information about Ukraine’s military and air defense capabilities.

While some of these documents started to appear in less visited pages back in January, they eventually moved to major social media platforms including Telegram and Twitter last week. Currently, White House officials are checking whether these documents are legitimate, and the Pentagon recently announced it’s launching an investigation not only to determine the document’s authenticity but also to know what or who leaked them.

So far, some officials have noted some of these documents have been severely manipulated, to the point where some of them show a significantly higher number of Ukrainian troops’ casualties and a much lower number of Russian troops’ casualties. Moreover, while these classified Pentagon documents don’t seem to include any data on the Ukrainian plans for a counteroffensive this spring, they have shown information about how the US intelligence have been spying on Ukrainian and Russian leaders.

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