Bipartisan Legislation Proposes New Code of Conduct for Supreme Court

( – Republican Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and Independent Maine Senator Angus King introduced on Wednesday morning a bipartisan legislation to require the US Supreme Court to build a new code of conduct for its use. This move takes place after media ProPublica published a bombshell report that revealed conservative Justice Clarence Thomas didn’t disclose numerous luxury trips he accepted from GOP businessman Harlan Crow.

According to different reports, this bipartisan legislation would mandate that the US Supreme Court adopt a code of conduct within a year of it becoming law and make the new code publicly accessible on its website. The bill will also require the Supreme Court to name one person to take care of any complaint of the code’s violations and provide full authority to start probes to know if court staff or justices have engaged in any conduct that violates codes of conduct or federal laws and affects the justice administration.

In a statement, King said this is a logical action to maintain and restore faith in the Supreme Court, as he claimed that requiring the creation of clear and consistent rules like the ones that apply to all federal judges is the proper step to take. He added that the executive and legislative branches already have some codes of conduct, which makes it reasonable and non-controversial for the Supreme Court to have one.

In another statement, Murkowski pointed out that this bipartisan bill will address public worries about the Supreme Court’s impartiality, in light of its dwindling public support. She explained that the confidence of all Americans in the court is lower than ever, with many people claiming they have concerns with the transparency not only of the Supreme Court but also of its justices. Finally, she explained it’s important that the American public keeps trusting in their institutions and their functionality, which is why this new code of conduct could be crucial.

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