Biden Suddenly Pulls Nominee From Consideration

Biden Suddenly Pulls Nominee From Consideration

( – President Joe Biden recently withdrew his nominee to supervise energy efficiency regulations, including those directed at stoves powered by natural gas, after Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s opposition. In an announcement, the White House said it decided to eliminate Jeff Marootian’s name as a candidate to lead the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) from the US Department of Energy (DOE).

According to reports, Marootian’s nomination was jeopardized after Democratic senator Manchin canceled a vote in the Energy and Natural Resources Committee to pass the nomination to a floor vote. At that time, Manchin told Fox News that while he supported Marootian’s nomination last year, the EERE has proposed stove efficiency rules that he disagrees with.

He added that even when he appreciates that the rules would exclusively apply to new stoves, he believes this is part of a broader effort from the Biden administration to eliminate fossil fuels. Manchin closed his statement, saying that’s why he didn’t feel comfortable “moving forward” with President Biden’s nominee.

In July 2022, Marootian was nominated to manage the EERE office after serving as President Biden’s special assistant and being the Department of Transportation’s director. The position of EERE’s chief has been vacant since Daniel Simmons left the DOE in 2021. He was the person who led this office during the Trump administration.

In September 2022, DOE Secretary Jennifer Granholm hired Marootian to be her senior adviser. While his confirmation hearing in the Senate took place in November, his nomination stalled in the session, which forced the commander-in-chief to re-nominate Marootian in January 2023.

Granholm said in different interviews that he would be the perfect candidate to lead the EERE and help the Biden administration meet many of its energy goals. Since Marootian was hired to advise her, the DOE has implemented some regulations that have affected a range of household appliances. These include gas stovetops, which raised criticism from many consumer advocates who saw this as a regulatory overreach.

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