Biden Open To Making NATO Membership Easier For Ukraine

Biden Open To Making NATO Membership Easier For Ukraine

( – According to a Politico report, US President Joe Biden is “open” to facilitating Ukraine’s membership in NATO after the war with Russia ends. The media outlet pointed out that the commander-in-chief is willing to take this step even if this plan doesn’t provide an exact date Kyiv would be part of the alliance.

In its report, Politico said that two Biden administration officials said the president would support removing the Membership Action Plan. This is currently one of the main obstacles that Ukraine has to legally become part of NATO, and what many believe needs to be removed to make it happen.

The action plan needs a candidate country to make democratic and military reforms with the alliance’s assistance before membership is granted. While Kyiv would still need to make some drastic changes after the removal, NATO members could unanimously welcome Ukraine into the alliance at any moment.

One of the officials told Politico that President Biden already spoke about this idea with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg weeks ago. An official announcement of the Membership Action Plan removal could come at the alliance’s July summit in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius.

The official also told the media outlet that Washington is already engaging with NATO allies to seek a middle-ground approach to gain consensus. He also explained that the Biden administration is making efforts to find “common ground on language” that supports the alliance’s commitment to Ukraine’s integration.

Experts believe that even when there’s a consensus on allowing Ukraine to be part of NATO, the process could take several years to be completed. North Macedonia officially entered NATO’s Membership Action Plan in 1990 but only formally joined the alliance in the year 2020.

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