Biden Denies Making Any Mistakes With Afghanistan Withdrawal

Biden Denies Making Any Mistakes With Afghanistan Withdrawal

( – US President Joe Biden insists that he and his administration made no mistakes with the Afghanistan withdrawal. The commander-in-chief made these controversial comments after the State Department released an “after action” report of what many analysts have described as a “disastrous” exit.

During a press conference after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the student loan forgiveness plan, a reporter asked him if he would admit failure in the withdrawal. The president responded, “No,” pointing out that everything ended as planned. President Biden told the reporter that he previously said the terrorist group al-Qaeda shouldn’t be there and that the U.S. needed help from the Taliban. He then asked the reporter, “What’s happening now?” and told him he should read “your press.”

This is not the first time President Biden has denied any wrongdoing in the withdrawal; he has shown an unwillingness to accept criticism on this matter on multiple occasions. Even when reports revealed that dozens of Americans died in the event and Afghan allies were brutally killed by the Taliban, the President has said it wasn’t his fault.

A report published by the State Department blamed the Biden and Trump administrations for failing to prepare for the withdrawal’s worst-case scenarios. The review pointed out that former President Trump made a mistake in negotiations with the Taliban for an exit. It also explained that President Biden failed to execute it properly.

Different media outlets criticized the report as it didn’t show any information about a historic moment that many compared with the Fall of Saigon in 1975. Some journalists in the June 30 press conference also questioned whether the report was deliberately released before the Fourth of July so its findings could be buried.

Numerous reports have confirmed the deaths of 170 Afghans and 13 US troops after an ISIS suicide bomber targeted Kabul airport during the withdrawal. No US official has been fired for this incident.

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