Biden Assures Turkey’s President He’ll Be In Office In 5 Years

Biden Assures Turkey's President He'll Be In Office In 5 Years

( – US President Joe Biden said during a July 11 meeting with Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan that he hopes he could meet with him again over “the next five years.” The reunion between the two leaders took place at NATO’s summit in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius, after welcoming the alliance’s newest member Sweden.

The Swedish membership in NATO took place after the Turkish government decided to support Stockholm, following months of tensions. Ankara always expressed objections to Sweden’s membership as it claimed that the Scandinavian nation supported the Kurds, which Istanbul considers terrorists. However, the Erdogan government withdrew its objections to allowing Sweden to become the 32nd official NATO nation right before the summit’s opening ceremony.

After saying he would like to meet him in the future, President Biden thanked the Turkish leader for the “historic agreement” he reached with Sweden. The US commander-in-chief also thanked Erdogan for this “diplomacy and courage.” Finally, he pointed out that Turkey is one of the most important NATO members as its presence makes the alliance “stronger.”

The Turkish leader welcomed his American “dear friend” and thanked President Biden for congratulating his recent victory in Turkey’s presidential election. Erdogan also told the US leader it was time for the “heads of states” to unite for further consultations, pointing out that their meeting war was the “first step.”

According to different reports, Turkey accepted Sweden’s membership as Stockholm allegedly offered not to support the Kurds anymore. Other reports revealed that President Biden also offered more guarantees to Turkey’s membership in the European Union and the sale of F-16 jets.

In addition to Turkey, Hungary has been another NATO nation that has expressed numerous objections to Sweden’s membership. While many have been pointing out that the reason is Budapest’s high dependence on Russian gas and oil, the government of Viktor Orban withdraws its objections. It remained unclear if it reached a deal with the Biden administration or the Swedish government on this matter.

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