Barr Says He’s Willing to Testify Against Trump

Barr Says He's Willing to Testify Against Trump

( – On August 6, former Attorney General Bill Barr said he’s willing to testify against former President Donald Trump in the latest criminal case brought against him. Barr claimed that the 2020 indictment against his one-time boss was entirely legitimate.

During an interview with CBS News, Barr blasted the argument made by the former commander-in-chief’s legal team. Trump’s lawyers have repeatedly claimed that Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted the Republican leader over statements that are protected by the First Amendment. While Barr said in June that the Capitol riots case would be a “hard” one to make because of “First Amendment interest,” he claimed in the interview there’s “a lot of confusion” right now.

The former Attorney General explained on “Face the Nation” that while this case is “challenging,” he doesn’t think it somehow violates the First Amendment’s principles. He then said that, from a “prosecutor’s standpoint,” the case brought against his one-time boss is “legitimate.”

When asked whether he would testify in the case, Barr said he believes he will be called to the stand. He then said that if this happens, he would be willing to provide his testimony and answer any questions. However, he refused to give a straight answer when asked if he would cooperate with Smith’s inquiry, which led the former president to be hit with the four-count indictment.

The former Attorney General explained this case involves a situation where American states had already certified the votes and sent them to the House of Representatives. He then pointed out that the government’s claim at that point was that the president conspired and entered into a scheme whose main goal was nullifying or eliminating those votes.

Finally, Barr emphasized that US federal prosecutors are not exclusively focused on Trump for promoting dubious election fraud allegations, as they are also investigating procedural machinations.

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