Another Witness Steps Forward, Claims DOJ Blocked Charges Against Hunter Biden

Another Witness Steps Forward, Claims DOJ Blocked Charges Against Hunter Biden

( – According to a Washington Examiner September 21 report, a third IRS official said on the record that the Justice Department blocked Delaware Attorney General David Weiss from bringing charges against the president’s son Hunter Biden. IRS Director of Field Operations Michael Batdorf told the Congress’ Ways and Means Committee on September 12 he felt “frustrated” by how the DOJ refused to approve tax charges for 2015 and 2014 against him, despite the evidence. He also suggested that Weiss didn’t have the “ultimate authority” to take this step before becoming special counsel.

During the hearing with the House panel, Batdorf explained how Weiss encountered obstacles from both the DOJ’s Tax Division and federal prosecutors in various regions in 2022. He said that the special counsel wasn’t getting any cooperation from federal prosecutors not only in Washington, DC but also in California. The IRS Director of Field Operations also noted this cooperation was crucial for Weiss, considering that the charges needed to be filed in either of these states, where the president’s son was living at the time of failing to pay his taxes.

Further, he explained that the DOJ’s Tax Division overruled numerous IRS officials and even Weiss over bringing charges against Hunter Biden. Batdorf also told the panel that IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley was abruptly removed from the Hunter Biden case at the urging of Weiss in December 2022.

While the IRS Director of Field Operations portrayed the separation as a direct consequence of resulting tensions and disagreements, Shapley’s lawyers have alleged that the DOJ and Weiss took retaliatory actions against him.

Back in July, Shapley and fellow whistleblower Joe Ziegler testified that the DOJ obstructed and even minimized its criminal probe into Hunter Biden’s tax crimes. Both claimed that the DOJ “slow-walked” the felony and misdemeanor charges they recommended against President Joe Biden’s son. They also claimed the DOJ allowed the expiration of the status of limitations and set up the plea deal on a misdemeanor, which eventually collapsed.

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