American Soldier Detained in North Korea After Crossing Border

US Soldier Detained in North Korea

( – According to a Fox News report, a plainclothes US soldier was detained in North Korea after illegally crossing the Military Demarcation that divides this country from South Korea. A senior defense official told the network that Private 2nd Class Travis King was recently released from a South Korean jail after a physical altercation. The official said that, following his arrest in South Korea, King told other inmates at the detention center that he didn’t want to return to the United States.

A US Forces Korea spokesman revealed King was participating in a joint security orientation tour when he crossed the demarcation line. The spokesman said he believes King is currently in the custody of North Korean authorities. He added that the United States is working with the Korean People’s Army to “resolve this incident.”

Another US defense official noted that King was going to face disciplinary action after the altercation in South Korea. The official also said that King spent a week at a US base under observation when he was released from the detention facility. While he was supposed to take a flight back to America and was escorted to the airport, King entered the terminal alone. He then left the airport wearing civilian clothes to attend an orientation tour.

Former CIA station chief Dan Hoffman told Fox News that the US military is mounting “a full investigation” into the matter. He also explained that the US military is probably looking for anyone who witnessed the moment King crossed into the so-called Hermit Kingdom.

Hoffman also said that the communist regime of North Korea would probably take advantage of King’s incident and use it against the United States. He explained that Pyongyang now has another “piece of leverage” they could use against Washington. The former CIA station chief pointed out that King would become a pawn to “gain traction and negotiations” with the White House.

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